It was my wedding. >_> And the guests all paid for their own food. I just provided the place, the cake and some cookie favors. Plus a small ceremony but lots of chatting and hanging out. Super informal. There will be a post. But she did email before the event. » 9/15/14 9:51pm Yesterday 9:51pm

I am guessing 1 of my 3 would like it. It seems to be out of any kind of toy I buy 1 of them loves it and the other 2 are like "whatever". Until you get the laser pointer out! Then it's whoever doesn't slide the furthest. :P » 9/15/14 9:37pm Yesterday 9:37pm

That's more disturbing to me than anything. Also the fact someone in the comments said 20 was probably the lowest answer available which makes it even creepier. Don't know that or anything. But I would think there would be a few more 18's if 18 and 19 were available. » 9/12/14 1:05am Friday 1:05am

They responded in a way that says they fully expect her to do this. Which means they expect her to be so unhappy she would do something she doesn't want to. Yeah they took it to a personal level but also on the assumption she was going to do it after she said she didn't want to. » 9/10/14 9:14pm Wednesday 9:14pm

I've never been pregnant or had kids, just fat always been fat. I was in the ER for intense pain and an allergic reaction. The doctor is feeling my stomach and asks me how many kids I've had AND after I say non and I'm still crying and hyperventilating, suggests I get weight loss surgery. -_- Just fuck it all. Women… » 9/10/14 4:19pm Wednesday 4:19pm